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Workshop: 50 Shade of Green(washing)

About the Workshop

The path between Greenwashing and Greenhushing is paved with pitfalls, with companies often on the knife-edge, unsure about how to navigate the complexities of sustainability messaging, discerning genuine practices from misleading claims, oscillating between zero and hero. To further complicate the journey, there seem to be a new type of greenwashing every other day that hits the news. This workshop aims to demystify the 50 shades of greenwashing we witness today, and how brands and businesses can avoid them.

In addition, this interactive session will also address how B Corps can integrate their certification (or other ESG certifications) into corporate and public messaging in an authentic, transparent and manner.

About Vero

Vero is an award-winning communications consultancy advising some of Southeast Asia’s leading brands, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Listed among the Global Top 250 Agency Ranking by PRovoke Media and the winner of numerous Southeast Asia Consultancy of the Year awards, Vero designs integrated marketing and communications strategies that resonate within and across this vibrant region’s digital ecosystems and fast-growing economies.

Read more about Vero here:

Workshop hosted by Lin Kuek, Head of Sustainability Communications Vero

With over 15 years of Integrated Communications experience in Asia, Lin is a proficient strategic communications consultant, with a strong focus on sustainability communications. She leads the Vero team in Singapore, and consults with key brands and organisations in the region.

Lin has extensive experience in numerous industries across the communications and business strategy functions, working with brands and businesses as they navigate our complex reality. She has delivered successful multi-year client relationships, and international campaigns, for brands and organisations across the region.

A seasoned story teller, Lin has worked with a variety of orgnisations and executives in developing compelling narratives and messaging, helping them connect with stakeholders and audiences alike. She is also an accomplished media trainer, who has worked with top executives to coach them as they develop their personal styles when managing media and public speaking opportunities.

A certified scuba divemaster, Lin is extremely passionate about the ocean, which sparked to her foray into the world of sustainability.


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