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“The Certified B Corps in Singapore are an accountable community of like-minded business operators and entrepreneurs who believe in doing good from the inside out.

As a leader, I am constantly inspired by the community to challenge myself in better leadership and greater impact. As a founding B Corp of B Lab Singapore, we benefit from the communal relationship, impactful knowledge, practices and innovation of other B Corps to improve our governance and achieve sustainable growth.”

Michelle Lim, Co-Founder & CEO,
Make The Change

Join A Movement of Global Leaders

“Doing good and operating sustainably has always been part of our DNA. The B Corp certification is like an ISO standard for sustainability and governance in our Singapore context. With this credible third-party validation, we have been able to secure the confidence and contracts of our major clients, who look to support companies that are good for people and the planet.”

Benjamin Chua, CEO, Speco

Increase Credibility & Build Trust

“B Corporation certification allowed us to be mindful of how we structured our organization towards being more transparent, inclusive, and diverse, as well as made us conscious of how we treated our people, stakeholders, and environment.

And while the journey to certification was a challenge for us to inspect our organization under a microscope in order to identify where we were falling short and how we could improve, it also allowed us to hold up a mirror to reflect upon what we really believed in.”

Jeffrey Koh, Partner & Directory,  Chemistry Singapore

Improve Performance & Impact

“Using business as a force for good is an ongoing commitment that both motivates and drives us towards continuous improvement.

The B Corp framework provides us with a blueprint for what it means to be a responsible business, informing and challenging us to continually experiment with and embrace new ways as part of our impact journey.”

Diana Soedardi, Managing Director, APAC, Pearl Consulting

Blueprint For Responsible Business

“Our B Corp Certification is not only an honor, but a milestone.

Earning our certification helped us to understand how far we’ve come and how we will evolve into the future—as a team, as a sustainable sneaker business, and as the first B Corp-certified skate shoe brand. We are honored to join a movement of businesses working for the wellbeing of the planet and its people, and inspired to recommit daily in our mission to reshape the industry.”

David Python, CEO, Cariuma

Protect A Company's
Mission For The
Long Term

The Value of the B Corp Certification

What Our B Corps Say:

Attract, Engage & Retain Talent

Working with purpose-driven organisations is key for top-notch talent and millennials who have a high desire for work that aligns personal and corporate values. There’s no better way to attract, engage and retain mission-aligned talent than to authenticate your purpose with the B Corp Certification.


Benchmark & Improve Performance

The B Impact Assessment is a free tool that enables all companies to measure social and environmental performance, gain valuable insights to spark new ideas and motivate your company to reach for an improved score over time.


Build Resilience

B Corp practices mitigate risk by incorporating good governance into the business and providing a framework for performance benchmarking and transparency. By evaluating their business with a stakeholder lens, B Corps build stronger ties with employees, customers and the community and have stronger and more robust supply chains.


Attract Values-Aligned Funding

The B Corp Certification helps attract mission-driven or impact investors who prioritise ESG criteria in their investment decisions. Studies have shown that B Corps provide significant opportunities for investors. It’s Just Good Business. 


Increase Credibility &
Build Trust

Customers are wary of ‘greenwashing’. The B Corp Certification helps you build trust and credibility as it is a rigorous third-party standard that evaluates every aspect of your business — from how you treat workers to community engagement to environmental stewardship.  


Lead a Global Movement

B Corps recognise the power of business to effect positive change. Together, we are shifting our economic system from profiting a few to benefiting all, from concentrating wealth and power to ensuring equity, from extraction to regeneration, and from prioritising individualism to embracing interdependence. To-date there are over 4700 certified B Corps harnessing business as a force for good. Join our movement!


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