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“B Lab Social Hour" at Nespresso

At Nespresso, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a value embedded within the team and their practices. In celebration of B Corp™ month in March, we were part of Nespresso Singapore internal sustainability event, “B Lab Social Hour” where we conducted a “How to B” workshop with Nespresso employees. 

During this session, we shared some recent and potential evolutions of the B Corp™ certification standards. We also inspired the Nespresso employees with some best practices from other B Corps™.

The team at Nespresso shared some of their ongoing ESG Engagements, including their One Pod at A Time Initiative – a local sustainability programme where they recycle used Nespresso capsules and give the used coffee grounds and aluminium a second life. 

Nespresso employees also give back to the community through different volunteering initiative with Society for the Aged Sick​, Food from the Heart​, Children’s Wishing Well​ & the Salvation Army.

At the end of the session, Nespresso employees each wrote down their pledge of how they can personally play their part in being a B Corp™ champion.

Our collaboration with Nespresso marks a significant step towards fostering a culture of sustainability and corporate responsibility within an organisation. Through this workshop, we aim to inspire Nespresso employees to continue to proactively work towards positive change within their influence. Together, we can bridge the gap between aspiration and action, driving meaningful progress towards a more sustainable future.

Read more about Nespresso's B Corp Certification:


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