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Impact Ideation Workshop at SUTD Create4Good Hackathon

Updated: Apr 23

What is Create4Good Hackathon?

Create4Good Hackathon (C4GHack) is a platform where students come together to solve global challenges through collaboration and innovation. Students create solutions to address pressing issues in social and environmental areas. Through this program, students are able to share ideas, collaborate on tasks, and contribute their skills to projects that have the potential to make a real-world impact.

About this Collaboration:

B Corporations are businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, while being transparent and accountable. These businesses have been able to redefine success, showcasing how profitability and purpose can go hand in hand. 

By inviting GoodWhale (one of our Pending B Corps) to lead the Impact Ideation Workshop, we aim to provide students with insights into how businesses can drive positive change while remaining competitive in the market.

Meet GoodWhale

GoodWhale is a personalised platform to help aspiring investors kickstart and achieve good and enduring investing health. 

Hear it from the Co-Founder and Community Lead of GoodWhale, Eric Ong:
"I see this workshop as a powerful platform to empower and nurture the next generation of sustainable leaders. By facilitating an environment where great ideas can be conceived and developed, I believe we can cultivate a cadre of innovative minds poised to make significant contributions to a better world. Partnering with B Corp in this endeavor further amplifies the potential impact, allowing me to contribute to a movement dedicated to positive change, which is both an honor and a humbling opportunity."

GoodWhale has been listed as a Pending B Corporation since 2023.

What this program means to B Lab Singapore:

Addressing global societal and environmental challenges requires collaboration to share ideas and innovation across different teams and sectors. This collaboration aims to motivate the next generation of leaders to join the movement in creating business as a force for good.


Thank you to SUTD for inviting B Lab Singapore as a partner for the Impact Ideation workshop. 

Read More about the Create4Good Hackathon: 

Please contact Frances Wu for any partnership or collaboration.


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