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What's Next: Balancing Ambition and Continuity as We Implement Our New Standards

We’re in the midst of the biggest transformation in B Lab’s 17-year history. Read on to learn about the extensive work happening to prepare for the implementation of B Lab’s new standards, tools, and certification processes - and what this means for you.

The milestones below demonstrate key work streams that are in progress at B Lab as we prepare to implement the new standards and get ready to certify companies. This is a major shift, and B Lab is managing complex internal dependencies combined with a shifting external landscape, such as new Directives from the European Union (EU) on Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition and Green Claims. Our top priority is ensuring a move to more impactful, clear standards as soon as possible while bringing the B Corp community on this journey with us.

Milestones at a glance. Dates are subject to change as we navigate ongoing complexity and aim to accommodate realistic transition timelines for companies to adopt the new standards based on community feedback.


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