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2024 APAC Champions Retreat

Updated: May 17

B Lab Taiwan organized the 2024 APAC Champions Retreat, bringing together B Corps and B Lab teams across Asia Pacific to connect and exchange innovative practices to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

2024 APAC Champions Retreat Overview:
  • Day 1: Team Bonding and APAC Regional Collaboration Workshop

  • Day 2: Taiwan B Corps Corporate Visit *blog story coming soon

  • Day 3: Better Business Forum

  • Day 4: Local Taiwan Tour

Better Business Forum Overview:

Our Reflections on the APAC Regional Collaboration Workshop

The retreat provided a platform for our team to connect and collaborate with our wider APAC community.

Throughout the retreat, our team engaged in exchanges of insights and best practices with the APAC B Lab team, deepening our understanding of challenges and opportunities. This cross-exchange of ideas catalysed innovative ideas and approaches to drive positive impact not only in our local context in Singapore but also across the wider APAC region.

We welcome more B Corps from Singapore and the region to join us for the upcoming 2025 APAC Champions retreat and be part of the dialogue to continue the movement of building Business for a Force of Good. 

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Thank you to B Lab Taiwan for running an amazing

2024 APAC Champions Retreat!


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