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AI & Innovation for Business Leaders in Finance

Updated: Jul 1

Hosted by Chemistry & Bayes Business School

About Chemistry:

We are an international team of multidisciplinary creatives who believe that the best ideas come from the synergy of people working together towards a common goal.

Combining diverse perspectives and capabilities, we use design in a system-based way to create innovative and impactful solutions across the globe, putting people and the planet at the centre of our work.

About the Event:

Are you seeking to make use of cutting-edge AI but not sure where to start?

Discover how AI can enhance your innovation at work and accelerate your objectives. Featuring an introduction to Business Sparks, a new AI product for business leaders. It combines curated expertise from the world-class Bayes Business School, powered by AI reasoning to provide faster, more accessible advice around organisational challenges and business models.

Learn how AI can support your business to develop creative solutions, drive innovation, save time, and help you keep up with a rapidly changing the world.

3 Sector Specific Workshops:

Event Location: 17A Jalan Pinang Singapore, Singapore

Chemistry's B Corp Profile:


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