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🎙️GoodWhale, Pending B Corp

Conversation of Change Podcast is created by a Singapore B Corp, Make the Change.

About Make the Change: Make The Change is a social enterprise that is "Empowering and Transforming The Community Through Design". MTC (Make the Change) operates as an integrated creative agency, providing innovative services and training programs to corporations, social service agencies, government entities, and educational institutions.

About Featured Pending B Corp, GoodWhale: GoodWhale proudly stands as a B Corporation (pending), blending finance education with a commitment to doing good. GoodWhale works to offer financial learning that’s not just smart, but also right—right for you and right for the world.

Listen to Conversations of Change with GoodWhale Here:

Find Make the Change Podcast Channels here:

Who can become a Pending B Corp? 

The Pending B Corp status is designed for early-stage companies who are not yet eligible for certification, as a way to signal to stakeholders their commitment to become a certified B Corp. The B Corp Certification is based on the verified practices and policies of a company over the 12 months, and as early-stage companies do not have such operational data, they are not yet eligible for the B Corporation Certification. (See how B Lab defines the start of operations for a company.)

Although early-stage companies do not need to become Pending B Corps to pursue the B Corp Certification later on, it provides a valuable framework to identify areas for development before transitioning to a full-fledge B Corp after 12 months. 


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